Secrets of the Freemasons

The production of Rosslyn Chapel, placed north of Edinburgh in Scotland, was commenced in approximately 1446 by means of William Sinclair, who was reputed to have been a Knight Templar that become probable engaged in conflict in the Holy Land. While neither of those facts has been showed, the chapel he built is packed with photographs of stone that after regarded as a whole leaves the distinct affect that the site is non secular. However, it is simply now not a Christian site and does no longer effortlessly suit into any current famous non secular motif. It is, in a phrase, precise revealing evidence that the architect became very much worried with initiatory mysteries.

One of the stone pictures carved into the indoors of the chapel symbolizes a Green Man, which in positive non secular research has been related to so-referred to as pagan religions. After cautiously reading the ones photographs, it seems more likely that the Green Man is constant with a greater Masonic interpretation of the Deity than of some other religion or philosophy. The depiction is sincerely that of a man’s head with leafy vines developing from internal extending outward through the mouth and visiting upward forming a dense bushy plant life.

While the figure definitely ought to symbolize the by no means-finishing cycle of seasons and regeneration generally observed in other actually defined pagan symbols, its starting place is Greek and Roman. To them, the Green Man represented the whole flowering of training and for that reason become inspirational to those contemplating the pursuit of expertise. The Green Man later determined his manner into Christian symbolism wherein he represented the immortality of the spirit and the resurrection of Jesus. Regardless of whether the Green Man represents Jesus linking Heaven to Earth, or the greater simplistic pursuit of know-how, it’s miles undeniably the case that he also represents the increase of guy’s spirit.

Art is a seed of guy’s spirituality, for from a simple sentence in a masterful paintings of literature, or from one line drawn in a painting float messages and thoughts that people who either read, or take a look at may additionally interpret for their respective non-public development. It is the premise for mankind’s regeneration, or transmutation from a kingdom of unknowing to a state of understanding – similar to the historical alchemists converted tin into gold. Thus, the Green Man symbolizes the information which man acquires from the information he has won as a direct end result of his boom in religious matters commencing with the mustard seed, or smallest particle of religious understanding imparted to him.

It is honest to inquire at this factor approximately what art a Mason ought to discover. Should or not it’s an exam of the Da Vinci portray The Last Supper, which excited so much interest inside the latest titillating books and films approximately the legend surrounding the historic Knights Templar? Is it the total and entire absorption of all literary works written by Albert Pike? Or, are you expected to soak up other kinds of artwork and parent the messages about God from those? While the answer that each one art is vital to man’s growth is inexact, it’s far the honest solution.

A Secret of the Freemasons is that an affinity to the pursuit of understanding has by no means been entirely because it benefits he who learns, but as it in the end benefits those with whom he who learns comes into touch. Masonic writers who’ve explored each the science and philosophy of alchemy have also supplied us with insight into how the Green Man represents the gain of one man’s information to any other man’s welfare. Freemasonry has constantly followed the belief that the Supreme Architect of the Universe manifests Himself via human increase – the urge transferring from inside a man or women to a manifestation of action. There is no more miracle than that produced via the tiny mustard seed, which while planted within the Earth produces a bush many thousand instances its very own length. The Holy Bible contains a parable that uses the tiny mustard seed to demonstrate an essential religious truth approximately the power of religion. In Freemasonry, the Craft teaches that the Supreme Architect manifests Himself via an infinity of bureaucracy that’s implanted into the darkish fabric earth. One of those bureaucracy is artwork, which Masons are taught to both apprehend and create.

Academics around the world are currently engaged in a concerted effort to pick out the historic beginnings of Freemasonry. They accomplish that by way of pursuing several avenues that promise empirical fact as soon as completely analyzed. However, due to the fact that Freemasonry consists of a various quantity of disciplines, it is not in any respect probably that the real origins will ever be determined with out an intensive assessment of the symbolism Masonry has decided on in the course of the a long time to impart clever and serious truths. One well-known Masonic creator has long gone farther and asserted that the origins of Freemasonry will by no means be traced, due to the fact that beginning is veiled in superphysical mystery. Whether or not we will ever recognize the entire truth approximately Freemasonry’s beginning, one may also start the attempt by using pulling that veil apart and reading the diverse symbols of the Craft, as well as the diverse works of artwork constituted of the depths of guy’s soul and spirit.

There are essentially two techniques wherein man might also grow: by way of gazing Nature, or by way of growing and appreciating artwork. The authentic artist styles his or her paintings after the legal guidelines of Nature, both adopting all that Nature has found out, or assimilating so much of that which exists in Nature as is necessary to finish the artist’s meant design. It is from such designs that mankind learns the region of humanity inside the Magnus Opus of all artwork – the grand layout of the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

The artwork of decoding the Secrets of the Freemasons and the symbols Masons use may be employed to unlock unsuspected understanding that changed into quite probably at first possessed by way of folks that lent the ones symbols to the fraternity. Ancient books with misguided paginations, as well as a host of mystery alphabets used at some point of the a while have to be blanketed within the deciphering effort. For, subtle strategies had been regularly used to hide divine truths from the uninitiated. By way of specific example, take into account the literary works of Shakespeare, which a few accept as true with were sincerely the works of Sir Francis 1st baron beaverbrook: that renowned Rosicrucian and Freemason, who is stated to have been the valid son of Elizabeth I; committed to the charitable workings of the Craft; and in desperate want of “political cowl” to keep away from detection as the author of such politically inflammatory writings as the ones located in several of the Shakespearian plays. What is the reality? Can it’s ascertained via analyzing the paintings itself? Is it worth knowing? Answers to the ones questions can also only come to folks that take some time to discover the works and decide for themselves.

The symbolism of the Green Man also teaches us that increase is experiential, this is, it may only be skilled to fully recognize. Such is also so with regard to the “secrets and techniques” of Freemasonry. Those “secrets and techniques,” like information what increase method, cannot be found out even though someone certainly chose to sit down down and explain them to the complete global. Like loss of life, Freemasonry can best be “skilled,” and as a result the “secrets” continue to be hidden from all who pick never to revel in the enjoy. That is so with our Green Man, for it’s miles from his mouth that vegetation grows and around his head that the ensuing busy boom twines. He grows, he stories and he becomes clever.

What about you?

John Heisner is the author of several masonic books about symbolism in Freemasons History [http://masonicbooks.Heisner.Info/category/freemasons-history/]. He has been a Master Mason because 1968; served as Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Worshipful Master of Amity Lodge No. 442 in San Diego, California, and serves currently as an Inspector for Division IX of the Grand Lodge of California. He has written Masonic Symbolism Books.; is a member of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in San Diego, in which he currently serves as an officer in the Lodge of Perfection and has thrice been awarded the Albert Pike trophy for excellence within the overall performance of Scottish Rite ritual; a member of Al Bahr Shrine on the grounds that 1976; a member of the York Rite Bodies, Knights Templar, Allied Masonic Degrees, York Rite College and the Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine. Mr. Heisner is also a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitibus Foederatis.

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